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Irregular income is the pest killing your dreams

Published on: 07 June 2023 by Chetan Mittal

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Being an independent consultant (or a freelancer) this has been my biggest worry in a career span of 20+ years.

Everytime I had an idea to work on I never had much working capital beyond an emergency fund to cover my 3-4 months if I don't get the next project.

Irregular income can be a real pest, making it difficult to plan for the future.

Last year, I sat down on one Saturday in the month of November, when I lost a client whom I expected to work for for atleast 6 months, wondering what is the main cause that I am literally stuck with hand-to-mouth income?

I found that the main culprit is this irregular income generating business model I am stuck with.

There on I decided to focus only 50% on the consulting/freelancing business and start something new which generates regular income.

I started to invest 50% of my time in building and operating a digital business. In May 2023, It has now started to generate some regular income with future potential of generating 4 figure income per month.