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Multiple ideas, which one to pick?

Published on: 06 May 2023 by Chetan Mittal

My mind thinks too much.

A many times in my life i worked on multiple ideas everyday. I just couldn't really focus on one single goal. May be I was bitten by the FOMO bug too much or may be i used to be online too much. Or I was scared thinking what if this one idea fails.

The result of having too much on my plate was that almost all my ideas failed even taking along with them that one single idea which could have had more chances of success.

In Nov 2018, I figured out that I really need to focus on just one single idea or goal to be successful, and I have to let go my fear of failing.

How I trained my stubborn mind?

  1. I first figured out which idea i would love to work on long term
  2. I then figured out which idea would allow me to connect with and help more people
  3. Third I figured out which idea would generate me income for both now and future
  4. And, the last I stuck with this single idea and made it my only goal

Along the way many more ideas came (and they still come) and sometimes it was difficult for me to control my mind and I ended up with loosing a few bucks here and there, however, I started noting down the ideas rather than working on them.

  • I worked only on 1 online product from Nov 2018 to Mar 2019.
  • I worked only on 1 project as a Ruby on Rails consultant from Apr 2019 to Nov 2019.
  • I worked only on 1 long term project as a Ruby on Rails consultant (and some Wordpress, ERPNext.too) from Nov 2019 to Sep 2022. Well, I worked on multiple ideas again during this phase and all of them failed.
  • I am working on 1 single idea/goal from Apr 2023 which is to educate and help more people like me who are stuck in the same boat of "having too much on the plate".