Technical Content Writing

Providing technical content writing service to growing software companies. As a software engineer myself, I understand the working habits and thought processes of developers.


I specialize in writing technical content aimed at those interested in the software industry. I ensure that every piece of content is technically accurate, meets the quality standards, and has a consistent style.

Having an SEO expert cum software developer leads to the curation of a great technical content with high traffic hence helping you convert traffic to paid customers.

What do you get in my 'Technical Content Writing' service package?

Content Strategy

During our collaboration, I’ll provide you with a content strategy covering three months worth of content. This strategy will be based on discussions around your goals and ideal customer, combined with my experience and expertise.

Content Refinement

Each month you’re entitled to 4 free content refinements, which matches the cadence of a typical content strategy. By opting for ‘The Full Package’, as detailed below, you’ll have me write the 4 posts, approx 3500 words each, determined by your content strategy. In that case, the 4 free refinements can either go towards the old content, or new content written by your in-house engineers.

Monthly Progress Report

Success comes partly from a good strategy, and partly from following up on it. Each month you’ll get a progress report providing a general overview of how your blog is performing, and a deeper dive into specific SEO analytics such as rankings for given keywords.

Outline Creation

To keep the process as efficient as possible, you’ll first receive the content strategy, incorporating a high-level overview of the planned content. Once the strategy is approved, you’ll get a document with an outline for each planned topic, setting clear expectations for your content.

$3999 USD | Consultation + 4 blog posts

$1999 USD | Consultation Only

I believe a valuable educational content is also a great marketing content. After spending 20+ years building software products and teams in small to large scale software companies I believe I can help companies create authentic technical content that resonates with software developers.

You no longer need to worry about creating a content plan, researching topics, or finding writer(s). I take care of the entire process, giving you a regular supply of ready-to-publish articles. My commitment to quality is reflected at every stage of the tech content writing process. I can also plan topics and keywords to help you become more visible in Google.

Being a practicing software developer myself, I focus on interesting, in-depth, technical content along with working code (and code snippets) that other developers want to read.

I follow robust, consistent processes that help me ensure that each client gets the absolute best, highest-quality technical content possible. One thing I value in my interactions with clients is transparency. I need clients to be transparent about their expectations, and I have to be transparent about my timeline and capabilities. In other words, if I can’t do what a client needs, I'll tell them.

My 20+ years software and web development experience in Java, Ruby, and Javascript gives me "superpower" of a polyglot web programmer helping me write content in any software programming language, framework, tech ecosystem, etc. Not sure if I will be a right fit then hit me with a $99 USD per 1000 words ($49 USD per 1000 words if you are from India) paid trial and I guarantee I will give you the best technical content you need.

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The technology ecosystems I have superpower of technical content writing in are:-
  • Shell, TCL/TK, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Python, Elixir, Rust, Javascript, and Typescript.
  • RubyonRails, Django, Phoenix framework, VueJS, ReactJS, NodeJS, and Angular.
  • Solana, Ethereum, and Polkadot.
  • Many more such as SQL, GraphQL, Cloud, REST API, etc.
  • Just have a word with me to know if I can write a technical article for your favourite technology not covered above.

You must be wondering how do I get this superpower? Well it is easy as I have been reading and writing software programming code since 1997.

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